5 Reasons to Send your Kids to Summer Camp

by Briann Newman

Summer vacationSummer vacation is right around the corner and a week of summer camp is the perfect way to give your kids a summer they will never forget! Here are 5 reasons why you should send your kids to camp this summer.


1. To build their social skillsTo build their social skills

Camp is a great place continue practicing the social skills they learn in school. Kids will learn how to communicate and work with others, skills that will not only help them in school, but also in their future careers. One study found that out of 147 campers from 6 different camps, 140 reported positive changes in the social skills (American Camp Association, The Impact of Camp Experiences on Social Skills and Happiness)


2. Make new friendsMake new friends

Going along with building social skills, your kids will also make lifelong friendships at summer camp. They will bond over shared interests in sports or art and enjoy getting to spend every day together for a week. Even if your child’s new friends live far away, they can keep in touch through phone calls, texts, or even letters and they will look forward to be reunited next summer at camp again!


3. Become more independent

Your kid won’t come home from summer camp able to cook themselves dinner or magically be able to do all of their own laundry, but they will learn some independence after a week of sleep-away summer camp. They will learn how to keep their things organized in the cabin and to get up and get ready for the day without you nagging them to get dressed. Although they have their counselors for help, they will have to learn how to do things for themselves and will learn how to ask for help from others when they need it.


4. FunFun

Of course a big reason to send your kids to summer camp is so they can have fun! Summer vacation can start to get boring when you run out of things to do with your kids to keep them entertained, especially if you do not have a pool at your house. A week at summer camp will break up the routine of summer and your kids will love it! They will get to be with friends, new and old, playing games enjoying other fun activities. And most importantly, give you a break from the “I’m bored” complaints for a whole week!


5. Happier kids, happier lifeHappier kids, happier life

Sure you know your kids will have fun at summer camp, but did you know that a week at camp can also improve your child’s overall happiness? A study conducted in 2014 that surveyed children from 6-different sleep-away camps found that out of 167 campers age 6-15, 115 of them claimed that camp made them feel happier. 94 of their parents also noted that their children seemed happier after attending a sleep-away camp (American Camp Association, The Impact of Camp Experiences on Social Skills and Happiness).


These reasons and many more make Timothy Hill Christian Camp at the Retreat at Norwich Lake the perfect summer camp for your child! They will not only develop social skills, makes friends and gain independence, but they will also grow in their faith all while having the time of their lives. We host week-long residential summer camp programs for kids in grades 3-12, as well as off a counselor-in-training program. To learn more about the fun your child can have this summer at Timothy Hill Christian Camp or to register, click here. We can’t wait for the summer of fun we have planned!

These reasons and many more make Timothy Hill


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