Things to Do at the Lake

by Elizabeth Thompson

It’s summertimeIt’s summertime here in the South and that means it’s the season for enjoying farm stand produce, cooling off with frozen treats, and relaxing in and on the water. One of our favorite ways around here to take in the summer, is to go out on the lake. Center Hill Lake has plenty of surface area to enjoy both fast-paced water sports and a calm, relaxing float in a hidden cove. There are a number of ways to have fun on the lake, but be sure to wear life jackets however you chose to spend your time on the water, and follow recommended water safety guidelines. Here are just a few of our favorite things to do out on the water:


  1. Kayak or CanoeKayak or Canoe

Take a break from the high speed boat traffic and appreciate the lake at a slower pace with a canoe or kayak. Viewing the shoreline from a smaller personal craft, allows you to observe the local wildlife closer up. You can also go further into some of the many coves that Center Hill Lake has to offer and navigate better than with the larger, fueled water crafts.



  1. Tubing

There are a plethora of tubes on the market both for purchase and available for rent to try out on the lake. Everything from oversized armchair-looking towables to side by side tubes. Hook it up to your boat or Jet Ski and have a blast getting a break from the summer heat as you skim through the water.


  1. Personal Watercraft

Sometimes it’s just nice to get out and go and there’s really few better ways to satisfy that urge than with a personal watercraft. Jet Ski, Sea-Doo, Waverunner – whichever name you choose, these are great for enjoying and exploring the lake on a summer day. 


  1. FishingFishing

Everyone needs to experience fishing at least once in their life. Center Hill Lake is well known for fishing and hosts multiple fishing tournaments throughout the year. Home to a variety of fish species, this is a great spot to cast your line whether a novice or a pro. A Tennessee fishing license is required for anyone over the age of 13 and can easily be obtained online or from several local shops.


  1. Find a “Beach”

It may not be the sandy beaches of the ocean, but you can expect a nice place to get in and enjoy a dip in the lake. There are several great spots along Center Hill Lake to park your boat and get in the water or even to have a picnic on the shoreline.


  1. Eat at a restaurant on the waterEat at a restaurant on the water

Center Hill Lake has no shortage of great places to eat if packing a lunch for the boat or beach is not your thing. Hurricane Marina, Cookeville Boat Dock, Sligo Marina, Pate’s Ford Marina, Edgar Evins Marina, and Center Hill Marina all offer enticing menus at their fine eateries and are worth the visit if you are running low on fuel. An additional option for a weekend meal stop on Center Hill Lake is the newly opened Hickory Cafe’s All You Can Eat BBQ Dinners at the Retreat at Center Hill Lake on Friday and Saturday nights. We also offer a hot breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It’s sometimes nice to have a destination in mind if you need an excuse to get out on the lake, and it’s always nice to travel by boat for a break from the road.


However you choose to enjoy your time on the lake, be sure to come stay with us at the Retreat at Center Hill Lake!