Time Waits for No Man

by Resident Blog

This week’s blog post is an essay that a current resident wrote. This resident recently graduated high school. He is now attending the Master Barbering class at BOCES. His teacher believes he has extraordinary talent and got him a job at a local Barber shop that will continue while he completes his license.


Have you ever heard to the saying "Time Waits for No Man"? If there is one thing that I have learned in my 18 years of life it is that things change and change fast. Another thing that I have learned is that everything happens for a reason.


I grew up in not the best neighborhood. For me the only option was the street, or so I thought. I didn't learn any manners on the street. I started hanging out with the wrong people and got myself into some trouble. At the time I didn't really care because I was giving myself a reputation while trying to impress the wrong people. I wasn't making good choices and wasted a lot of time with people I THOUGHT were my friends. Because of the bad choices I made, I kept getting in trouble with the law and my parents. That led me to being placed in different rehabs and group homes.


Nothing worked for me until I was placed at Timothy Hill's Ranch. I have learned so much from being at the Ranch. I have been here 12 months, on an extended stay because I wanted to graduate high school. Time flies by too fast. I remember my elementary school days and NOW I am graduating High School. This is one big accomplishment that I have been able to do at the Ranch.


My whole attitude changed during my time here. The way I think about things and the way I think about life changed and I definitely did! If it weren't for the Ranch I would probably be doing something bad on the streets or worse, in jail or even dead.


One of the things I have learned here is life is what you make it. You can choose to have a bad life or a good life. You need to respect others in order to expect the same respect in return. Also, GOD is real and he really is with us whether we want to accept it or not. He loves us all.


I feel I have grown into a man here at the Ranch. I have learned so much about myself that I didn't know before.


GOD put me here for a reason and that's because HE cares for me. HE would rather see me struggle a little in this place than struggle a lot in the streets. I am proud of myself for coming this far.


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